MeLoBeInG - Music Producer

Arvelle L Lanham Sr., better known as MeLoBeInG, is a Songwriter, Producer and Hip Hop artist in joint collaboration with Cosby Media Productions. Heading the production role within CMP as lead producer to music projects. MeLoBeInG Digital albums releases are Mid Night (2010), Session One (2011) and Session Two (2012). Digitally finding success with Xbox Live, Spotify, Rdio and more. MeLoBeInG has sense moved to scoring short films, a video game project (pre production with Mad Cake Games), website’s (Quanu LLC) to name a few. MeLoBeInG is defined as unique. A Wonder to behold as the Music builds and unfolds. To listen is to began an adventure into the UniVerse of MBP. Years have passed and now at last. The World Wonder....

CEO and Founder of MeLoBeInG Music Productions

Arvelle Lanham Sr.