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Master Peace. Coming in 2014


Enter into the Jazzy side of things. This is the re-release of Master Peace. This will bring peace to your mind, spirit to your soul and inspiration to your thoughts. Releasing in 2014 under CosbyMediaProductions. Enjoy!

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MeLoBeInG Energy MixX!


Another beat teaser from future projects. I'm excited to share another fantastic mix!

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1. High off my

2. Icing

3. Jupe

4. Rip the Strip

5. Soul Hitter

6. The Calling


MeLoBeInG - U.M. mixX #3


Here is another UM mixX of new music to be coming soon. This upbeat sweet unique technique is now complete.

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1.The Forumla

2. Touch of Fear

3. Humble Glow

4. Strike a Nerve

5. Hum of Vast Valley's


New music MeLoBeInG - U.M. MixX #2


Another beautiful UM MixX to put a smile on your face with some deep bass flowing at a smooth pace. So feel the blessing and taste and gratitude with grace. Peace!

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1. When the fire raises

2. Wild Flower

3. Super Fat

4. Sweet Heavens

5. The way Home


New music MeLoBeInG - U.M. MixX #1


Now new music is always a good thing but when you take that new sound and mix it up in the music crock pot this is what you get "HOT!" Enjoy!

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1. Moment to chill

2. Clinging to hope

3. Following Fate

4. Still Baby

5. Energy Matter


Some Jazz Fusion


Yes sir some Jazz for that... This one is so sweet I had to brush my teeth...ok maybe not but the vibe is positive and makes you feel like cruising. Enjoy!

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New Album in the works!!


Let's kick off the new blog with some music.

This track was inspired after my visit to Germany. Enjoy!!

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